Just over a year ago I reviewed the Anker Soundcore Bluetooth Speaker. Recently, I made the jump to using the Anker SoundBuds Slim, and I must say, I’m absolutely loving them!

An issue that I’ve long had with wired earbuds is cable length. The cable is never ‘just right’, always being incredibly long, or frustratingly short. Another issue was cable texture; rubberized cables would catch and tangle, and non-rubberized cables seemed to be flimsy and break easily… Bud shape was critical. Apple iPod earbuds never worked and would just fall out as soon as I took a hard step. Over the ear models were out of the question because of the lack of comfort. In-ear-canal models seemed to be my sweet spot, as long as I could find a good ‘medium-sized’ bud. Lastly (though I am sure I am leaving something out), the sound drivers in the earbuds and I never really seemed to hit it off. I know, I know, “MG! They are just earbuds! Don’t be so critical…” It is true that if I wanted decent sound I should probably consult the great internet and it’s various spreadsheets cross-comparing brands to quality to price to features… But, I don’t think it is too much to ask for some decent sounding earbuds too…

So, I eventually stumbled into wireless earbuds… Collared earbuds; a fate worse than a short cable! I think the brand was Motorola, and the quality was bad. I’ll waste no more words on how utterly lacking they were. Suffice it to say, it scared me back to using in-ear-canal earbuds… That is, until now!

Enter the Anker SoundBuds Slim! These things check all of the boxes; comfort, quality, convenience, and price! Its hard to believe they are able to deliver this experience for only ~$22. There are other versions of the SoundBuds, but I can’t imagine them being better than the Slims!

Controls are simple, providing the standard volume increase, decrease, and Play/Pause functionality, with song skip achieved through long-presses on the volume buttons. The battery (I assume) is located inside the control bar that is off-centered on the cable connecting the earbuds to each other. Charging is achieved via a micro-usb port on the control bar. Advertisements tout a 1 hour charge time, with 7 hours of play time at ~60% volume. The non-ear sides of each earbud have a powerful magnet in the tip that allow the earbuds to stick together, or to a fridge… The SoundBuds Slim come with various ear adapters (eardapters?) including several sizes of in-ear-canal pieces with and without ear-hooks. Speaking of which; I’ve never used ear-hooks before, but I will aim to use them exclusively form now on. They help keep the earbuds in my ear, even when I am intentionally trying to knock them out!

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Sound quality is better than expected. The lows are nice; bass hits are not overwhelming. Mids are a little lacking, and trend towards heavier bass. Highs are great and not too tinny. The SoundBuds Slim won’t make you forget that you are listening to earbuds, but they are by far the best earbud experience I’ve had, wired or wireless! Click here to take a look at the Anker website, where you can get your own pair! At ~$22 you can’t really go wrong!

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